Dentist Services

NHS England is responsible for local dental health services.

Joining a dental practice - Telephone: 01942 482770
Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group regularly monitors dental availability and will direct people to dental practices that are taking new patients. Many dental surgeries have a long waiting list so it may take a bit longer to find a regular dentist.

Urgent / Emergency Care - Telephone: 01942 614390
If someone is in pain during the day they should contact their own dentist for urgent treatment. Anyone that does not have his or her own dentist should contact the In Hours Dental Access Service on the telephone number given above. The service is run from surgeries in different parts of the area so the patient may have to travel and will only receive treatment to get them out of pain.

If it is out of hours, there is an Emergency Dental Service (Out of Hours) - Telephone: 01942 614376
For weekdays: Monday – Thursday, 6pm to 8am and weekends: Friday 6pm to 8am Monday.

Clinics are run on Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holiday and Public Holiday mornings.

Eligibility Criteria (Who is this service for?)

Anybody in the Wigan Borough requiring a dentist.

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Office hours : Monday – Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm and Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm.Emergency Dental Service (Out of Hours) - Telephone: 01942 614376, available Monday – Thursday, 6pm to 8am the following morning and weekends: Friday 6pm to 8am Monday.

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Normal NHS dental charges or standard exemptions apply.

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Age Range
From 0 years to 100 years
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